The story behind "Waterfall" by Atlantic Ocean | Muzikxpress 041

by Paropetje, 9 months ago
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For this week's vlog I got to visit Lex van Coeverden and René van der Weijde; 2 Dutch producers who had a massive hit in 1993, exactly 25 years ago, with "Waterfall", which came out under the project name "Atlantic Ocean".

I spoke to Lex and René about how the track, which was actually meant as a B-side (!!!), was born, how long it took them to finish it, what happened after the release (some great stories of their visit to the Stock, Aitken & Waterman studio / PWL Recordings) and more...

Of course you will also hear what Lex and René are up to these days; Lex owns a vinyl cutting and mastering studio and René is still very active with DJ-ing and producing as "Dave Leatherman".

Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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